We all love redemption stories, because flawed heroes are relatable heroes. Access into the lives of the accomplished sparks hope in our own shortcomings - that even our dreams are achievable. Set on the biggest stages of college basketball, Eddie Sutton's life and career personifies this dichotomy of success in the midst of personal failure. Players from all races and socio-economic backgrounds, many without present fathers of their own, found family on and off the court in Coach Sutton. But behind the scenes, Coach struggled with alcoholism. Through gut-wrenching interviews with his own sons, EDDIE shines light on the often misunderstood “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” personality associated with the disease of addiction.

Judged strictly on basketball, Coach Sutton is assuredly a Hall of Fame coach. Yet he, nominated six times, stands as the only man with 800 wins on the outside of the prestigious Naismith honor. Why is someone with such historic levels of success not recognized by the basketball elite? EDDIE, chock-full of gripping interviews and never-before-seen footage, intimately poses this question to family, colleagues, former players and national leaders forever better for having known Coach Sutton. Their stories compel audiences to ponder the conflicting attributes of a man with flaws shared by many and achievements matched by few.

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